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If anyone other than Spider wishes to edit this, just let me know and I'll unlock it for a short while. --Ritch (talk) 10:00, 22 October 2016 (BST)

A dribbling fantasist who lives in his own little world where he's always right and everyone else is wrong, Spider likes to think of himself as a military strategist who makes General Custer look like Sun Tzu.

He gets his name from two previous accounts on ARRSE:

  • Spider38 - who left after realising no-one liked him.
  • Spider39 - who insisted he didn't have anything to do with Spider38 and left after realising that still, no-one liked him.

During August 2019, ARRSErs suspected that the chod occasionally posting under the name of Deserter, is Spider's Sock Puppet.

Also posting under the moniker "Fish and Chips", Spider insists he isn't the same broken-brained person even though he litters ARRSE with poorly spelt drivel about his favourite subjects - Boxing and the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands.

He's won the first two SPOTY awards and is odds on favourite to win for the third year. Elevated to Supermong status in October 2019.

Known Aliases

  • Spider38 - Hoofed.
  • Spider39 - Hoofed.
  • Fish and Chips - Hoofed.
  • Coke_Machine - Hoofed.
  • Rouge39 - (Another fantastic example of his inability to spell.)
  • nice_guy
  • Deserter (suspected Sock Puppet)