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Specialist Operator

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Special Operators use sophisticated equipment to eavesdrop on enemy communications and uses various counter measures to disrupt them. It is classified work and Special Operators will deploy often alongside Intelligence Corps Linguists in the Electronic Warfare arena. You will be trained in every aspect of intercepting signal traffic using the full range of communications systems – this includes the theory behind radio waves, the use of various radio antenna, IT and computing skills, as well as special handling procedures. Special Operators can also work as an Electronic Counter Measures Operator in support of a bomb disposal team on operations.

An excellent trade for all you blokes that are colour blind who would otherwise have made excellent techies. Not sure about the bints though.

Used to be known as EWOPS.

Also known as Morse Monkeys.

Otherwise known as "holding a glass against the wall"

Units you can visit - 14th Signal Regiment / JSSU Digby

Trade Structure of the Royal Signals
RS Op AS Op Spec Op Sys Eng Tech Driver Lineman Electrician (ED) Technical Supply Specialist

Supervisory Trades
YofS FofS Supvr (R) Supvr (IS)

For further information, have a look at the R Signals website: Royal Corps of Signals.