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Special Forces

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A British invention. now a term used by the yank mongs for nearly every unit in the US Army, US Navy, and USAF, but would be better described as US Special Needs. A term now so overused and diluted in spamland that REMF's are demanding their own beret and special badge to highlight their otherness.

However, in the British Army, Australian Army and New Zealand Army, the term refers to THEM.

Worst Special Forces of all time: Egypt's TF777

  • in 1978 rescued 30 hostages in Cyprus from terrorists but because they forgot to tell the Cypriots they were coming, lost 15 of their own in a firefight with Cypriot National Guardsmen who thought they were more terrorists.
  • in 1985 blasted their way onto a hijacked 737 at Malta with explosives killing 20 passengers instantly. They then stormed the plane firing wildly and throwing hand grenades. Passengers who fled were cut down on the tarmac having been mistaken for terrorists. 57 passengers died.