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Pentwyn is an arsse user who is misunderstood may be very naive
Doctrine is the shy, innocent, quietly-spoken and thoughtful girlfriend of a dashing young soldier. She is relatively new to Arrse and has only made a few postings. She is a regular visitor to the Current Affairs and Intelligence Cell forums and is a keen advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Doctrine likes to go swimming, walk in the countryside and surf the internet in her spare time. A considerate lady who tries to make relevant and informative posts on a wide range of safe and uncontroversial topics.
She is the type of person who constantly needs the attention of people who act like father figures
She did want to have flash as an adopted father, but he was having none of it
Instead of speaking to her properly and trying to explain, he shouted and abused her
Because pentwyn was brought up to be seen and not heard and not answer back, she wanted to say so much to him but did not have the courage to tell him.
Then pentwyn had medical problems being the naive person she was she could not cope so she looked to flash to try and help her  but he did not know how to handle her so he decided to ask all his friends to help him which they kindly did .
It took pentwyn nearly a year to go and get the medical help she needed, her surgeon kept telling her to sort the problem out, as there had already been a history of the condition in her family. She had the treatment and everything came back ok.
Flash had enough of pentwyn wanting a figure and gave her details to other fellow arrsers in hope of her finding a friend to speak too.
With so many people sending pentwyn there email address via msn pentwyn did not have a clue who she was speaking too and some how or another blonde bint obtained her email address trying to persuade pentwyn  in to joining her campaigns against flash telling her lots of Persec  things about flash and his family . Pentwyn was having none of it finding blonde bint disgusting for treating flash in this way and using pentwyn to get at flash.  
Pentwyn was extremely upset by blonde bint behaviour and felt sorry for flash


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