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Spaniards: People who come from Spain.

Seems simple but its not. Firstly there's the Moorish issue. In 800ad a bunch of Islamic types invaded (thats pre crusades i.e. they started it!) and it took several hundred years to evict them (bit like finding Eastern Europeans squatting in you garden shed and needing to resort to the civil courts to get the F'ers out).

Then there's the Basques. Descendants of the original occupants of the Iberian peninsula and hung on to their independence as the Moors took over. Still want to be independent and occasionally blow things/people up. Have stopped in recent years after Muslims are once more the common foes for every right minded Spaniard.

Then there's the illegal immigrants, who slip across from North Africa. Spain is considered a major yet soft entry point into the EU. 5 million poor, uneducated aliens are estimated to have crossed into Spain in the last 10 years. Can you guess which country they then make a bee line for?

Then there's the Brits squatting in Gibraltar (which is ours by treaty but it still don't stop the Spaniards whinging). Gods... between them and the Argentineans, you'd think we go out of our way to piss off the Spanish speaking world. I mean ... everyone knows that's reserved for the French! :o)