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Southampton UOTC

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Southampton UOTC comprises of two companies (A & B); with A Coy being the 'advanced' Coy (MLDP2) and B Coy being the 'Basic' or recruit Coy (MLDP1). SUOTC is an all 'infantry' unit, changing from the 3 tier system (inf, sigs, eng) in the late 80s. However, the permanent staff still tend to come from a range of different units.

SUOTC recruits from The University of Southampton, The University of Portsmouth, Southampton Solent University, Bournemouth University, Chicester University and Winchester University. Recruits from the University of Brighton are no longer incorperated into the main body of SUOTC but rather train with a local TA unit.

SUOTC is known around the country for wearing the famous 'Pink & Blacks' rugby shirts that are a highly prized item. These shirts are solely reserved for people who have completed at least 1 years training with the unit to ensure that they stay with committed members. The shirts are often targeted by other units as 'beer trophies'.

Southampton UTOC has a mixed reputation amongst other UOTC's (also the UAS/URNU). Some see it as an example of how an OTC should be run, while others take a more distainful view. This possibly coming from the ability to drink until morning and still win the following days activities (note. Sailing, Rugby, army competitions).

Southampton UOTC takes sports relativey seriously (depending on the level of intoxication), the Football team has been successful - winning the 4 div cup for 7 years. The Rugby team has had success, as has the Hockey team. By far most successful are the sailing and shooting teams, boasting a large haul of trophies over the years between them.

Officer cadets in the unit have organised many high profile expeds around the world examples are Gambia (Ex. Gambian Sapper), Peru, Greenland, Corsica and India. These usually consist of an underying challenge accompanied by excessive levels of alcohol consumption... thus bringing the reputation of the SUOTC to a new country!

In recent years the unit has been especially successful at Cambrian Patrol and won bronze or silver medals in the event in the years 2001-2007 & 2011.