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HM sniper corps on parade in their Ghillie suits


French snipers work in pairs and are very friendly

Mystical beings who deal in death with steely eyes and take no prisoners.

Actually a shite job which involves crawling very slowly for days on end, shitting into polybags and hiding in a freezing field knowing you may be stumbled across at anytime. All this for the one shot. I'd rather have a machine gun anyday.

Subject of muchos waltism as blokes like birds and apparently birds like snipers.

On the Iraqi battle field: Annoying cunt who fires a single shot now and again that causes Spams to lob about 4 tonnes of HE into the buildings the round might have come from thus causing extreme annoyance to the resident population.


I met a sniper once, I don't know what he was doing or where he was going, but he was 7ft, built like a house and was fighting women off his legs.