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Smoojalooge is an interesting character. While some of his posts in the military history and current affairs boards have given the impression that he is a very intellegent individual his Pokey Bum W*nks word of warning thread proved him to be an extremely disturbed deviant. He is often seen with his partner in crime TheBull140 causing various levels of mischief and mayhem to the level where DozyBint apointed them Arrsonia Ministers for drive by mayhem.

Smoojalooge is single handedly responsible for the 10 stitches Dale the Snail required after the Dorset Steam Fair when he pushed her down a hill face first into Ghost Rider's wall. His claims of I didnt push her i just kinda let go have been seen as untrue and it has been decided that he did this because he was infact trying to get rid of Dale so he wouldnt have to sleep with her. This has led to claims that Smoojalooge is indeed GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. This was confirmed when Mr C Hinecap announced that smooje didnt attend the Christmas crawl because he was Chasing welsh rent boys round cardff. Nobody knows if this is true or not but this has never stopped anything before

Smoojalooge can now be easily spotted due to his recent purchase of bright green shoes

Sluice_dweller - and what horrible shoes they are. Although they would come in handy if i ever decided to dress up as a clown!

On a recent trip to dusseldorf Smoojalooge appears to have developed a habit for using bass amps as masturbation aids. He was clearly spotted humping one while watching 2 ugly german lesbians neck off. The Ugly lesbians had nothing to with the amp was just doing hitting the right spots, well it was until it started producing brown noise then it went horribly wrong.

Smoojalooge's relationship with his arse is a closely bonded and loving one, producing comedy moments that others can only make up... sadly they are all true for this deviant. It should come with a warning sign for those that have remained in blissful ignorance of the true devastating powers that exist in that region.

A Cardiff ARRSE Crawl survivor

A Army_v_Navy_Crawl_2006 survivor