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Smith and Wesson

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Standard 686, .38/.357


"Customised" 625 .45ACP with moonclips


Sexy revolver manufacturers and truly wank auto makers.

Above model is a Mod 686 in .357 / .38 spl

Jerry Miculek narrowly beat MDN in last years hetero tiger shoot out, the latter missing out by a gnats knacker due to a verucca, a bit of a cough and a wang eye.

The only septic export worth having and the only thing the USA deserve any kind of praise for.

Cait couldn't pick one up so opted for a 'Lady Beretta air pistol' and has successfully engaged a pellet tin at four yards

The build quality, fit and finish has deteriorated drastically in recent years -- you only need to compare the stoat's old model 19-4 (with recessed chambers...yummy) with a recently built 586. There is absolutely no contest! The triggers also come with built-in lawyers now, and they are heavy bastards! If you put a modified spring set and about four hours of grinding and polishing into the trigger mechanism it will smooth and lighten up nicely, as the model 625 pictured above will attest. Not that you can see it, of course, you'll have to take my word for it... Out of the box, Mrs Stoat could not fully cycle the trigger in double action mode, now the trigger feels like a well lubricated man's naughty bit sliding up inside a well lubricated lady's naughty bit.

Smith and Wesson have also dropped some lovely revolvers from their range, such as the models 19 and 66, which probably has something to do with Spams insisting on running .357 Magnum +P+++P+++++++++P+++++ ammunition in them all the time instead of .38 special.

At the other end of the scale, they have recently introduced some great big feck-off hunting revolvers, such as the new .500 Smith and Wesson Magnum beast. They also have some very silly things such as the model 329 -- a .44 Magnum revolver with an alloy frame which weighs less than 700 g. It was recently tested by a Dutch shooting magazine, and they declined to fire more than three rounds -- it was that unpleasant!

As MDN quite correctly states above, their autos are truly pants.