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Sir Richard Dannatt

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Sir Richard takes a deep breath and then rips Brown a new one.

Who He?

One time Chief of the General Staff, Sir Richard showed some backbone when the first words out of his mouth as Top Banana was We're coping but for fuck sake dont start any more wars Blair you cnut! or something like that.

Immediately went on to defend the RAF for alleged sub-standard Close Air Support. (This may be the result of only inaccurate rockets being issued to Crab Air to save money ... Thank you Mr Gordon 'on the cheap' Brown).

Painful Honesty

Caused mayhem in the government 12/10/06 (after 2 months in the job) when in an interview with the Daily Mail, said what we'd all been thinking ... 'Blair's a lying cnut, has no clue and has repeatly fucked the armed forces over'. This resulted in some very strange alliances of left and right agreeing with the good general. Oddest response was the commentators who said he should shut up and follow orders but as we all know following orders without question just gets you arrested for war crimes.

Started something of a cottage industry in telling Blair he's fecked up the armed forces as both the POD and Admiral Sir Alan West (from the safety of their retirement) have told the slimey weasel how it really is.

After this, I'd follow him anywhere! (I would have done it anyway, but perhaps not willingly ....)

Change of PM - Business as Usual

Because of his stance of pointing out (subtly but) publicly to Gordon Brown that he was a penny pinching cnut where the forces were concerned, Sir Dicky will not be promoted when his stint as CGS comes to an end and he will retire. This has not stopped his stance of standing up for those in sandy/rocky/hot places. Broon has been repeatedly caught avoiding questions about his vetoing the funding for more helicopters, shorting the funding for more boots on the ground and actually lying about the fact that helicopter shortages are causing casualties.

Attempted smear fails

The damage Dannatt has done to Broon has become so bad that labour tried to smear the good general but as with all things this government tries, they have made an arse of it. They let the word get out. The smearing centred around the good general's expenses (wonder why Labour thought that might be iffy?) when entertaining visiting dignitaries. Seems he squandered a whole £15 a head on entertaining ... nearly as much as a Horror Bag costs.

A Tearful Farewell

On the 27th August 2009 Sir Dicky passed on the big stick for poking the MoD/Government.

He now becomes the 159th Constable of the Tower of London. Lets hope he gets to see Brown and Blair in his professional capacity as Jailer of the Tower.

In a final nod to the Forces he said it had been a “deeply humbling experience” to lead the Army through what has been seen as its toughest and bloodiest period since the Second World War. “As I march into the military sunset I do so confident that the Army’s determination, professionalism and reputation remains where it should be; second to none.”

An honourable man, you may yet see him in the House of Lords as Secretary of State for Defence when 'Call Me Dave' gets into power. We can only hope.


Born December 23 1950 ... so squaddies, remember to send him a birthday card!

Education Felsted School; St Lawrence College; Sandhurst; Durham University (BA hons home economics) ... oh ok ... it was economic history in 1976

Career Commissioned Green Howards, 1971; Army Command and Staff Collegiate, Camberley, 1982; chief of staff, 20th Armd Brigade, 1983-84; military assistant to minister of state for armed forces, 1986-89; commander, 4th Armd Brigade, 1994-96; director defence programmes MoD, 1996-98; general officer commanding 3rd UK Division, 1999-2000; asst chief of the general staff, 2001-02; commander Nato Rapid Reaction Corps 2003-05