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Large desert seperating Israel from Egypt ... the Suez Canal is to the west and the Israel–Egypt border to the north-east. Sinai_Peninsula_from_Southeastern_Mediterranean_panorama_STS040-152-180.jpg

Just about everyone and his granny has tramped across this arid wasteland.

  • Moses got lost here for 40 years.
  • Part of the Roman Empire.
  • Crusaders gave Muslims a good couple of shoeings here.
  • Muslims gave Crusaders quite a few shoeings here.
  • Held by the Ottoman Turks for 260 years.
  • During WW1 British and Turks played Hide and Seek here.
  • In 1948, Egyptian forces passed through Sinai on their way to invade the newly-created state of Israel
  • In 1956 Israel stormed through to take the Suez Canal ... then retired home after American pressure.
  • The Israelies stormed back through it on their way to Egypt in 1967.
  • The Egyptians stormed through going the other way in 1973 then retreated a bit.

In 1979 Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty. Israel agreed to transfer all control over Sinai to Egypt, despite the fact that large amounts of oil reserves had recently been found in the region. Israel finally left Sinai in 1982.