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Simon Craig Broughton

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Sir Simon KG

Simon Craig Broughton first came to the attention of ARRSE when he was known as Simon de Montfort-Broughton.

He is a member of a number of re-enactment societies and alleged walt. A poster on ARRSE has stated that he has claimed to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the SAS, Chinook pilot and recipient of a secret George Cross. This appears to be supported by a photograph published in a local newspaper showing him dressed in Royal Artillery blues - complete with SAS wings, a large number of medal miniatures, Army Flying Badge and the Order of the Garter.

Initial Reporting

This first came to light in the winter of 2006 when Simon got married in all his finery and had his picture taken for a local rag. The story appeared on the Internet within seconds and had the medal and uniform experts agog: wrong pattern wings on wrong shoulder, miniatures on blues? Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter? That's pretty impressive for a Lt Col (even a SAS one) who looks like he's just finished school. Something was clearly not right, but it was soon forgotten and put down to waltism.


A couple of months later, a poster appeared on the (now legendary) A Walt for all seasons thread, claiming that a friend's sister had married a bloke '... who we all suspect is not what he says. 'He was married in uniform which to me does not look right'. Alarm bells anyone? It was pointed out that such an individual had already appeared on the thread in question and the question was asked: was this the same person?

Anyhow, the poster claimed to not have the specialist knowledge uniform-wise and sought help from the experts on ARRSE. Further images were posted of the uniform and it was indeed the same outfit. It got worse.

It was stated that Sir Simon had been telling friends and family that he was a Lieutenant Colonel and has been in the Coldstream Guards, 16 Air Assault Brigade, with the SAS and (as if that wasn't enough) also been in the RAF and flown Chinooks for the Army. Clearly barking! To top it all he supposedly claimed a 'secret' George Cross. Nurse!

The poster explained that 'He keeps banging on about his military experience and there is just so much wrong about him. 'I cannot understand how his wife's parents were taken in?' Me neither, but it's a funny ol' world.

The odd thing is that the wedding story published in the Suffolk Free Press made it quite clear that Sir Simon was a re-enactor, so quite how anyone would be taken in is anyone's guess. It then got stranger.

A poster (blackbusby) suddenly appeared to Sir Simon's defence. 'blackbusby' purported to be a Coldstream Guardsman and offered to get Sir Simon's (obviously bogus) credentials checked out. The only thing was that BB's terminology was all wrong and more bells started ringing. Was this Sir Simon?

ARRSE Responses

The following rant from ARRSE user Dread sums up the feelings of many members of the site:

From the photo of the Lt Col SAS at the wedding it is clear that the muppet never served a day in the army, let alone reached commissioned rank. He has clearly never earned the medals he wears on his wedding uniform, and neither has he earned the SAS wings he wears on the wrong arm of his ill-fitting ex-RA or RE officer's uniform (we both wear the flaming grenade in that style).

His name is false, and to claim to be a Plantagenet of noble lineage is (arguably) an act of treason, as it means you claim to have a stronger claim to the Throne of England than the current incumbent. On his wedding certificate he did claim to be a peer of the realm, yet the only surviving blood of the Plantagenets have the titles Duke of Beaufort and Lord Raglan. As neither of these gentlemen are currently short of a bob or two I suspect that this walt is not the elder son of either.

My hackles are raised by several members of this forum correctly identifying a walt who has dressed himself like a magpie in an army surplus store - and then you [blackbusby] miraculously pop up on this site claiming that he is definitely ex-officer. Tosh sir! Utter, complete and total balderdash. Never in my service, either as a Tom or as a captain in the Royal Regiment of Artillery (where I served alongside the Irish Guards) have I ever seen such a shower of shite pretending to be an officer.

For the medals he is wearing that he is not entitled, for a rank bestowed by HM that he wears without authority or right, for the badges he wears without earning, for the uniform he disgraces, for all or any single one of these criminal offences, he deserves to be destroyed in public.

Soldiers have died earning the campaign medals he wears with his cheesy grin. Soldiers wearing the upswept wings of the SAS have been tortured and died in horrible conditions in far flung places of the Earth without public memorials or grave. Some of the greatest British individuals have contributed immeasurably and selflessly to Britain and humanity without being recognised by the most honourable distinction of being made a member of the Order of the Garter. Who is this little streak of urine, this pathetic miserable wretch to wear any single one of these symbols of rank, ability or achievement?

He was married not in a re-enactor's uniform, but in the Number 1 Dress of a Lt Col. He has claimed to be a recently retired Regular Army officer who saw distinguished service with the SAS. He put a false name and false title on his marriage certificate. He wore medals and badges he was not entitled to.

I have no problem with re-enactors (I am glad there are people who preserve the past that today's PlayStation generation can see them). If he had chosen to get married in 1940s Battle Dress with appropriate insignia for the era then no worries. Everyone would know that he is just getting married in fancy dress and no harm is done, no disrespect shown. But he didn't. He claimed to have been an ex-Regular Lt Col etc. He is a liar and a walt. He has committed criminal acts and needs to be destroyed. Simple.


ARRSE has receieved a good deal of correspondence concerning this issue mainly from Sir Simon's wife who has suggested that 'her life has been ruined' due to the coverage on the site. It has also been suggested that she has been been threatened on the phone by 'drunk Paras' and 'other assorted Toms' following the decision of one newspaper to publish their contact details. Legal action against the original poster, ARRSE and the site hosts has been threated although has yet to materialise.


No sooner had this page been placed upon the Wiki when it was trashed by Minime-maniac - an extremely recent newcomer to ARRSE who had never touched the wiki before. It is understood that this poster was an acquaintance of the good colonel via his re-enactment group and took offence to the entry's content. [Is that my waltsense tingling?]

Next Reincarnation

An anonymous email has suggested that Sir Simon is the force behindThe Household, a group of Anglo-Norman re-enactors. He also runs a group called Histeria incorporating The Sunne ynne Splendour (with various spellings) and They Who Dare (2 SAS re-enactment). Recent intelligence has identified him lurking amongst the world's fattest SAS Walts:


2018 Update

Following a name change to Simon Craig Broughton, he is back to his old tricks only this time he's a former member of the Grenadier Guards and MoD Police Dog Handler!