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ARRSE offers an online shop selling a variety of items.

Current Stock

The ARRSE shop, "Actions On" sells a large range of excellent quality military equipment and clothing as well as the stylish ARRSE-Wear collection of T-Shirts, ties, watch straps and errmm.. golf balls (quite why is not known).


The 4 t-shirt designs have been done by a (relatively) well known German t-shirt designer and are all available in olive, sand, blue and white. The designs are:


The ARRSE ties comes in two designs:

  • Broad Stripe Tie, designed for use in the country where they don't mind ties to have a bit more character!
  • Thin Stripe Tie, keep your CO happy whilst still indicating that you are a manin touch with his 'ARRSE-side'....


Goatbagthedruid has created the Number 4 Socks and they are available from here.


The whole shop is run, and all kit is supplied by RV Ops, a very successful and respected military retailer with 4 outlets across the UK.


The shop used to be run by Manchestercop, who stocked a wide variety of items including lighters, mugs and t-shirts. Unfortunately he had to move to NI to look for work and the shop fell into disuse.

The idea of a shop was resurrected by the COs and started off with a single t-shirt design. This proved reasonably successful so further t-shirt designs were created and, after an online campaign, two tie designs. It remains to be seen whether the shop will sell further items although there is a clamour for various other items including an ARRSE Bow Tie and ARRSE Tie Pin.

Finally everything went professional and the ARRSE shop was renamed Actions On and run by the very well respected RVOps. The shop still sells ARRSE-wear, but also has a very full range of military clothing and equipment, oustanding customer service and sound advice from the Royal Marine owned RV Ops.


The ARRSE Shop

World Crisis Shop