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S***tinginABag ; callsign on the Army Rumour Service (disambiguation)

AKA 'Colostomy' or 'Leaky Colostomy' as he's so full of shit that it keeps escaping for us all to see and experience. Many think it is the reincarnation of a previous wanker, named Bumgrapes who flounced when he found out no-one liked him. Now he's back, everybody hates him.

Latterly, S***tinginABag has claimed that whilst the asterisks in his user name are to introduce ambiguity, his intended name is not 'ShittinginABag' but 'ShootinginABag'. Despite his claim, Arrse members remain unconvinced and will stick with the more fitting 'ShittinginABag' (the stupid cnut).

His ARRSE sock puppet Baglock currently follows (stalks) 72 Arrsers and he's as bad as Bugsy for gratuitous button bashing. In the traditions of ARRSE, this rather strange breed of poster has been ROP'd -by moderators - and roundly ridiculed.

S***tinginABag and his alter-ego Baglock once spent an entire Christmas crayoning and arguing on ARRSE with another arch-cock: CleverPagan.

Summary: The thick cnut S***tinginABag a.k.a Baglock appears to be a weapons-grade chod and Oxygen Thief. He's now using the name Ballcock on here in the futile attempt to delete this page.


  • Ballcock, scribbling Wiki's in demented menstrual outrage.
  • Bumgrapes.
  • Baglock.
  • Cunt.


Baglock achieved something special when he came first AND third in the SPOTY Competition, clearly beating the other contestants by a wide margin.

Still, he has yet to achieve the lifetime award that Spider received last year.