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n. & adj. Shiny

A Shiny is some object, or indeed anything at all, that a squaddie wants.
It can be a piece of kit, a souvenir, scoff, a gizzit, a doris or anything else. It doesn't have to be of the slightest use to the individual, he will invent a reason to 'need' it.

Legally, being 'Shiny' is considered more than adequate grounds to obtain the item by whatever means the individual decides.

Unfortunately many COs, OCs and probably every Badgeman in the army have been known to ignore this important, if obscure piece of legislation.
If a Shiny is proffed from another unit is all well and good but taking anything from a mucker is theft, a breach of trust and tantamount to a desire to make use of the Mess Webley or moving to Bridgend.

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