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Sheffield UOTC

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In existence for over a century Sheffield UOTC is based at the historic Somme Barracks at the top end of West Street, recruiting from both Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University. An 'all infantry' OTC, these steely-eyed dabblers in degrees divide their time between their Uni and liver failure. The year is split between weapons handling and field work for MOD A's and orders and field work for MOD B's.


(Basic Company / Baby Company / Bait Company/ Bloody B-Company Mongs)

First year at OTC gives the new recruits an opportunity to get MTQ1 and their first dose of chlamydia under their belts as well as learning to understand a broad Yorkshire accent from the highly strung SAA instructor.


(Advanced Company / Arrogant Company / Shark Company)

Second year at OTC and still mostly mongs they might act like they know what they are doing but don't be fooled. MOD B do MTQ2 in their first semester, GYCs are fast-tracked to MOD B where they slide into a tightly knit social group with ease. Following this, recent form has been to storm off in a huff upon discovering that they don't actually get their pip back after MDLP2 any more, but they still turn up in the park on Remembrance Sunday looking like a gimp in a bowler hat.


(Development Company / Dossing Company)

Third year at OTC for the majority of the company not alot goes on with these folkes other than playing enemy on weekends and doing extra PT.

Support Platoon

(Admin Plt / Recce Plt / Support Troop)

The real power behind Sheffield UOTC! Made up of a crack team of old and bold (and the odd youngster!) soldiers of varying capbadges; RE/RLC/AGC etc, these are the people responsible for getting things done. In our own time, on our own terms.

Subbies and JUOs provide training teams for MOD A and B.


1 - Subbies

These chaps go away on a four-week camping course after summer camp and come back with a strangely creepy sex appeal to freshers, and a lot of stories that start with "this one time at Sandhurst..." . They use their newly commissioned pip to believe they actually have any power, but in reality sit around with each other discussing how polished their boots are and which set of chinos they will be wearing to WSL that night.

2 - SUO

The guy or gal who's the bitch bod between the staff and cadet's, whilst putting off the reality of either graduating or actually commissioning. In reality their main job is to act as the friendly daddy to new freshers and use their staff of power in some weird ways.

3 - JUOs

The professional core of the OTC, without them there would be no chip runs, lists or random shouting, they are convinced of their own self-importance and no truer proof can be found for the proverb that: At the bottom of the ladder the rungs are very close together.

4 - D Company Bods

Those members of the unit that have singularly failed to achieve anything whatsoever in their vast time with the OTC. This lot can often be found attaching themselves to training teams on weekends or doing odd jobs for the PSIs hoping to earn a Christmas Curly-wurly.

5 - Old Boys

Former members of the unit that don't know that when the lights go on at the end of the disco, it's time to go home. Usually comprises people who went regular who come back to recruit (and pull girls who wouldn't look twice at them under other circumstances), or just hangers-on who turn up largely unwanted but mysteriously invited to dinner nights.


Despite grabbing one of the aforementioned Old Boys as unit press officer/ PR Guru, Sheffield OTC has managed to maintain its reputation as the Party OTC (wrestling the title from the indefatigable Queens) in the tabloid press. First there was the highest ranking drugs bust in the British Army (an anecdote which gets more and more apocryphal every time it's told), followed shortly by the syndication in various national publications of the now infamous Slagmag- largely billed as "ARMY SEX CAMP SHOCK" or similar. Students get drunk and shag. Yawn.

Notable Alumni

Stuart Peach KCB CBE ADC DL BA MPhil DTech DLitt RAF WTF CBA, Air Chief Marshall - Appointed as Chief of the Defence Staff in 2016

Officer Training Regiment Pilot Scheme

In an effort to save Liz some cash a bright spark somewhere in Whitehall decided that Sheffield and Leeds UOTC's would combine to create the Yorkshire Officer Training Regiment. With the two OTCs having been rivals since time immemorial this went predictably well. Highlights have included some fisticuffs on a joint skiing expedition, permanent staff members declaring that the other OTC are c**nts, normally in front of Officer Cadets and the glorious move of all the HQ staff to be based in Leeds. This has however allowed Sheffield the freedom to carry on regardless at Somme Barracks without any headshed to see them doing Mess Obstacle Courses.

The OTR bright idea worked so well in fact that the Pilot Scheme ran for 2 years longer than it should, before it was decided that it probably shouldn't be rolled out across the country. They left the pilot OTR's in place though as a monument to stupid ideas.