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Sharia Law

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It's one of life's little jokes that the multi-culti ideal espoused by the liberal elite fails to take in to account some of the down right illiberal attitudes of the very cultures they're so eager to embrace. It's rather like an entente cordiale between a nice juicy sheep and a crocodile.

By far the biggest test of this will be the slowly... erm, better make that rapidly... encroaching tenet of Sharia Law. Indeed, in some parts of the UK, there are already calls for its introduction - albeit in in heavily populated Muslim areas - by Muslims. Such an introduction would be disastrous, making areas of Leicester, Bradford and Blackburn little more than self-regulating Islamic enclaves, operating outside of the national legal system rather than within it.

Sharia Law, laid down in the Koran basically forbids the following:

As can be seen, there's more than a few transgressions there that are seemingly at odds with the alcohol-fueled orgy of gambling and twenty-four hour pie-eating that the government have foisted upon us, and Sharia Law would merely make society's problems worse rather than contributing in solving them.

An innocently purchased pork pie from a kebab shop in Leicester could result in the hapless customer being immediately bitch whipped - especially if he was stuffing it in his face with his (un-Islamic) left hand - and after eight pints of (un-Islamic) Wifebeater.

Imagine if wifey drops the nippers off at school and erroneously finds herself driving through Blackburn courtesy of a dodgy satnav from Argos. The only thing is it's Ramadan. She is unceremoniously dragged from the Mondeo and ritually stoned by a screaming mob of black-clad harridans.

An innocuous bout of cottaging in the public bogs in Luton town centre could well result in the sobbing miscreant being dragged through the streets before a summary Beheading.

We're on very dangerous ground, and some twains are destined never to meet up for coffee and a chat. We shall see.

On a Personal Disturbed Note: Female castration (the removal of the clitoris), is advocated within Sharia Law I think. Now I have enough trouble finding the damn thing as it is without it being taken away and hidden in a jar. Just Say NO to Sharia Law.


First we had the Archbishop of Canterbury cerebrally droning on about the merits of Sharia Law, and now we've the Lord Chief Justice blabbering on about what a spiffing idea it all is. Talk about doing yourself out of a job? The bottom line is this: with fucking Left Wing lunatics like this in positions of power it's only a matter of time before YOU'RE FUCKING HAVING IT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

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