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Shami Chakrabarti

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Saucy minx in need of spanking and ball gag

Strangely arousing director of the pressure group Liberty. A woolly-headed liberal lefty elitist with no clue as to what's going on in the violent, real world the 'common' people have to live in.

Her job appears to be complaining that scum have had their Human Rights violated every time they (so deservedly) get what's coming to them.

Frankly one of the first against the wall come the day that the silent majority revolt. The same day we deal with all the filth that the hand-wringing, UK-hating, liberal, lefty, middle classes seem to think are more important than the tax paying, law abiding, Christian, life long residents of these fair shores.

Also a likely candidate to have her Back Doors kicked in if you could keep the sanctimonious, self-opinionated, deluded cow's mouth shut for more than 30 seconds.


That polemic aside, Shami and her ilk may be the only line of defence the supine British public have left against the ever encroaching control freakery and increasingly sinister machinations of the neuarbeitstadt: ID cards, DNA databases and the profusion of CCTV and taxation cameras - which are all for our benefit in TWAT and TWOC apparently.


Possibly a form of Indian food made with ground lamb. Perhaps formed as a patty and pan-fried - sort of like a spicy hamburger... or perhaps not.


Despite all of the debate, all of her potential links to some kind of Indian hamburger thing - and despite all her work on human rights - you would never tire of beating her about the head with a broken pool cue... or wanking all over her tits... probably.