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A military training area on the northern side of the Teutoburgerwald near Paderborn. Like most Army Training Areas, Sennelager is cold and wet in the winter and hot and dusty in the summer, it was hated by the Kaiser's army and Hitler's before we got a chance to hate it too. Sennelager used to be famed for the 'Strip' and the Rhein Army Summer Show. Both were awesome on the ale and both are no longer with us as the 'strip' is no longer what it was and the RASS was stopped as some officer somwhere couldn't understand what the RASS was to morale and relations with the German people.

Also probably the worst lager in the world.

Has the most amazing, flying beetles that whizz around in May/June time, determined to burrow into your flesh. Good to knock out of the sky with your rifle end if you are bored at looking at the quarters on the other side of the fence. Where you live for the rest of the year but are not allowed to 'commute' from when on exercise in Sennelager.