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Send her an AAC Beret

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Send [her] an AAC Beret. (V. euph). Sexual intercourse. In their courting days, as a token of his love, the noble Lord Flasheart was so taken with the sultry delights of the lovely Blondebint that he 'sent her an AAC beret'. Alas, as his ardour cooled, he very much regretted having done this, for, despite his protestations to the contrary, the suspicion that he'd actually 'slipped her one' has dogged his footsteps ever since.

Rumour has it that the horrid deed took place in a layby on the A27 that is known for it's Dogging activities. Apparently Flash left the light on in his Volvo 340, as an invite for the other Doggers to get rove up him while he was servicing the gorgeous, pouting BB....

Not wanting to be pedantic but I have reason to believe it was the A303, but rumour control also states that this sending of an AAC beret happened more than once.

BB threw her teddies out of the pram, yet chose to keep the beret when Flash did the dirty and took Pangur Ban and her lesbian lover up in a twin engined torque monster.