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Selby Detatchment

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Selby Detachment is a typical urban ACF detachment in the Northern English town of Selby, consisting of a small drill square and a tin and brick hut. Originally cap-badged to the PWO, post-2004 cadets and instructors have worn the uniform of the Yorkshire Regiment, along with most other Army Cadets in North Yorkshire and the Humberside. It can be found just behind the lovely 1864 Selby Rifles building, where this particular group of cadets and the long-defunct Selby Rifle Volunteers paraded and maintained their armoury.

Fun Facts

  1. After the entire unit was bitten by a radioactive Des Browne, the Selby Detachment of the ACF found themselves wearing their underpants outside their DPM's, selling knocked off army vehicles cheap while oozing smarm from every pore (and a couple of orifices).
  2. The only ACF unit to ever Grand Slam in formation on the square while passing out in front of friends and family.
  3. A rather unfunny and inaccurate article was written for this cadet unit and building when I was 15 and unable to spell (c.f. cnut).