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Secretary of State for Defence

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That hot potato of who should be responsible for British Forces in Parliament.

The position (one of the five great Offices of State) has had numerous people in the post, but is still waiting for someone who really backs the Forces! Recent incumbents include:

  • Liam Fox ... Very onside with HM Forces while in opposition. What happens when he has the whip and the chair and is trapped in a room with the MoD will be watched with interest.

Past Feckers...

  • Bob Ainsworth (11 months till Labour departed govt May 2010) - most recent incumbent of the liberal lefties most poisoned chalice - barely competent on a good day!
  • John Hutton (8 months to Jun 09) - fairly competent and quit when he realized just how fecked the Forces are.
  • Des Browne (29 months to Oct 08) - who he? Part timer - also washes windows.
  • John Reid (12 months to May 06) - aka Dr John "Oh fcuk, not Health" Reid. The best of a poor bunch IMHO.
  • Geoff Hoon (67 months to May 05) - better known as TCH or 'Buff'.
  • George Robertson (29 months to Oct 99) - aka AFNE (Another Fcuking Non-Entity).
  • Michael Portillo (22 months to May 97) - aka Portaloo, best known for losing his seat to an unknown in the '97 election and admitting to episodes of mincing in his youth. See also shirtlifter, uphill gardener, passenger on the other bus. Infamous for a cringe-inducing speech with references to 'Them'.

Given recent performances in support of the Gurkhas, shurely Joanna Lumley should be given a try? Cant imagine she'd be as bad as the above!

Possible future position for a future Lord Sir Dicky Dannatt if the Conservatives win the next election and actually have any clue.