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Sean Pullen

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Sean Pullen (Also "Major" Fabian Faversham Lucien Pullen), a loathsome disgusting piece of shit waste of organs conman who led the Liverpool branch Royal British Legion posing as an ex 2 Para/THEM veteran who stole around £42000 from collection tins and also ran a joke security firm at Howarden Aerodrome in Cheshire. He was allegedly working on camp valor, a 19th century fort in Milford Haven as a rehabilitation for ex servicemen. He also owns a yacht in Gibraltar (or shall we say GibWALTar).

The m ilitary were called in to find his records, no evidence was found on the Parachute Regiment/P Company database to see if he served. He claimed to be an "SAS advisor" with his associates in the Manchester MEN Arena terrorist attacks and leading an allfemale battalion or kurdish freedom fighters against ISIS.

At his home in Ormskirk, the remains RBL poppy collection tins have been found with thier seals broken.

  • Possibly old phone number now but if you want to prank him: 07876246011
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