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Sean Bean

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Current president of the Guild of Professional Northerners - and invariably typecast as such - Bean is the Sheffield-born actor famous for playing 'Sharpe'. Though generally regarded as being nails, in the movie Ronin, Bean portrayed an ex-member of THEM... who didn't know the colour of The Boathouse at Hereford. Feckin Walt! Everyone knows it's British racing green with red, white and blue lace curtains!

On the flip side, he played the part of Cyril Clunge in a dramatisation of the Alpha Two Zero epic. That faux pas aside, 'Beano' has pretty much played the same, tough, uncompromising type and has made the role his very own. He now stars as an ex-para in his new movie Sharpe's ASBO.

Bean is also an ardent supporter of Sheffield United, a.k.a. the 'Piggy Blade Bastard Dregwart Scumscabs'... allegedly.

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