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Sea Harrier

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Sea Harrier

Rather Fantastic VSTOL aircraft operated by the Royal Navy. One of the Best Naval fighters in recent History (FA2 at least).

Left Service in March 2006, because of crap, gay and stupid politicians who never learn from lessons taught.

It was the only fighter to actually shoot something down since Korea, Mind you the Crabs havn't shot anything down since WW2. 'Shar' as it was known, had superb radar and weapon systems, which was used to develop Typhoon's radar and systems. It was subsonic but made up for it in flexibility, manouverability and reputation. The only UK aircraft able to be a fighter or Ground attack aircraft in one.

It is worth noting that when they were withdrawn from service, some were only seven years old. This makes it an interesting type of British Military Procurement Mystery, where we had something that worked well, and was pretty much on time and on budget - so we got rid of it.

Its passing has created a large capability gap, with the RN having to rely on ships and allies for Air Defence. Clearly no politician cares about servicemens' lives. (Good job current enemies abroad don't have an airforce! or indeed navy. This may cause us problems in the future, when we have to deal with technology such as the 'Singaporese Navy Spoon')

Politicians are cnuts

This plane can viff (VFF - Vectored Forward Flight) which is totally different to skiffing.