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In UK parlance, Scrote, as popularised by Mr N S Fletcher, residing at HMP Slade.

Canadian Miltary Slang

A pejorative noun used to describe a person of lowest social and economic standing.Implies ill-mannered and boorish behaviour. Not to be confused with the common Bum, who may have come to his unfortunate station in life through mental illness, addiction or tragedy. Not so the lowly scrout., who,by definition must be the product of at least 4 generations' breeding of the chronically unemployable underclass. (See Pikey)

Can be seen smoking and spitting outside Giant Tiger outlets, payday loan outfits, and Off-track Betting parlours.

Scrouts can come from any ethnic background, but are primarily Caucasian. While largely illiterate, scrouts are generally capable of signing their names to the paperwork requisite to Welfare(Dole) applications and Bail/Peace bonds.

Scrouts, being devoid of civilized notions of hygiene, are known to use their morning-urine as an antiseptic for any number of ailments, ranging from Athlete's foot to halitosis.Identifying features include, but are not limited to FuBu clothing, Pitbull Terriers, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. In every way equivalent to the bits of shit that collect under their fingernails as they root around in their illegitimate offsping's diapers(nappies) for food. Best avoided.


Scrout: "Yo, spare some change for food for my Pitbull?"

Me:" I can't help you, Friend, change comes from within"

Scrout(confused): "WHat?!?"

Me: "Get a job you fcuking scrout!"

Scrout:"Fcuk you, man"(shuffles off, dejected)

Me: "Yeah,yeah" (throws pennies at scrout)

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