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Denizen of the City of Liverpool.

Likely to have a criminal record, a tracksuit, a perm, a moustashe and your alloy wheels. A strange breed of people with a stupid accent, scou-sers are not real british people but allegedly spams who learned english. They are heavily criticised by the real brits (IE: Mancs, Brummies, Cockneys etc) for obvious reasons.

Muppets. Usually the idiot that gets you shot at or shot due to their complete inability to whisper. Sorry but its true, I got back from Iraq 6/6/06 after getting shot because of one of these idiots.


Scouse Terms

  • Baghead - A poor person, A low life, A Mong.
  • Bills - Underpants.
  • Bladdered - Pissed.
  • Bondy - A boarded-up house.
  • Captain Kirk's - The Turkish community.
  • Jaag - Fake, Pretend, Rubbish.
  • Lad - General term loosely applied to members of the Male gender. (Ex. "Y'alright Lad?")
    • Lar - See Lad
    • Lid - see Lad
  • Meff - Dirty, Scruffy.
  • Sack It off - To bunk off
  • Scatty - Rubbish, Dirty, Faeces. Scat for short.
  • Scouse
  1. Reference to one's origin.
  2. A rather tasty stew, derived from just about anything in the cupboards of the chef in charge of the pot. Staple ingredients usually are Beef, Carrots, Potatos, Onions.
  • Scranny - Fucked Up, Deformed
  • Screff - Dirty, Scruffy.
  • Skin shits - Spots.
  • Swiss Rolls - The Polish community.