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  • Host of the ARRSE Crawl in Hell.
  • Old Nick, the Devil, dodgy geezer with a fancy for having more names and aliases than you can shake the wand of excrement at. Once an angel in Heaven, a touch too much of the old Wifebeater had Satan deciding to give his boss a piece of his mind. Resulted in Satan getting sacked from heaven and setting up a more fun realm in Hell. Oddly priests often say things like Get thee behind me Satan! but since Satan is the Lord of Buggery ... this may either be a terrible mistake ... or a bit of a come on! You can never tell with those religious types.
Known as Iblis by the Muslims
Best played by the late great Peter Cook in the 60's version of Bedazzled
  • Also the NATO reporting name for the SS-18 R-36M ICBM
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