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Samson Fv106
Function Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Crew 3 or 4
Weight 8.74 tonnes
Height 2.43m
road speed 80kph
Engine Jaguar J60 No.1 Mark 100B 4.2L
Power 190bhp
Range 483km
Primary Armament 7.62 mm MG (3000rnds)

Part of the CVR(T) family, the Fv106 Samson is a small armoured recovery vehicle used by the REME. It is the recovery vehicle for all the vehicles in the CVR(T) class.

The Fv106 is fitted with a winch that can reach 122 metres/minute with 229 metres of wire rope. Using a 4:1 snatch block the winch can pull a load of up to 12 tons and is thus capable of pulling a load greater than the Samson itself. The vehicle is hung all over with the usual REME array of equipment, tools and 5amp fused. Side racks hold baulks of timber for various purposes. As usual the REME are ready for everything.

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