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Salisbury ARRSE Crawl

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On 18th June 2005 a motley crew of ARRSErs tipped up to The Bishops Mill in Salisbury to begin a pub crawl. For various reasons (namely several of the attendees being too pished to move and had they been capable of being moved, refusal of entry to any other hostelry would have been guaranteed) the ARRSErs remained at this establishment till the bitter end. Being a warm summer evening, vast quantities of cold lager was consumed before spirits and memorably (or unmemorably in the case of DozyBint) jelly vodka shots were imbibed!

After around 2 minutes of polite chit-chat and 'Who are you?' we swiftly got down to business, i.e. abusing each other and any poor person who didn't move past us quickly enough! Golf_one_one tried amateur facial piercing on adonwar using DozyBint's hairclip, which we think later drove adonwar to take on the bouncers, an incident which luckily didn't see us removed from the premises.

Greengrass and IdleAdjt got into bezzer mode pretty early on in the evening but were surprisingly well behaved; canteen_cowboy worked his roguish charm on the ARRSE-Maidens, promising them shots of 'Skittles vodka' apres-pub; 'Duty Scouser' Murielson was a generally cheeky chappy; Goatman, obviously a laugh, sadly brought along a boring friend, else I'm sure we could have got him dancing on the table and Plastic Yank showed his face for all of 30 minutes, was a thoroughly decent chap but looked positively terrified the whole time!

Dale the snail was relishing verbally abusing young laydees as they scurried past us into the bar; Blessed Baby Cakes (the only sober ARRSEr - well she was pregnant!) sat chuckling to herself as she told us what fun she'd have informing us of what we'd done once we'd sobered up and took most of the incriminating photos; Poppy, ever the lady despite holding her own on the drinking stakes, was very well behaved, though the pearl necklace which had got the ARRSE Adonii all excited at the Christmas Crawl was absent; gado carried on her ARRSE Crawl tradition of displaying her decolletage and with it a tat adorning one of her chebs. Recce-cpl (judging by one of the photos) took full advantage of this chebbage display!

As the evening drew to a close, Greengrass foolishly entrusted his post-drink snack (chicken) to Dale the snail from whose hands DozyBint allegedly hoofed it into the stream. This was around the same time as DozyBint was doing cartwheels and the splits near the road as we awaited the arrival of the minibus, into which Poppy bundled IdleAdjt, though we don't think he was an unwilling captive - evidence can be viewed in the Gallery.

The morning-after-the-night-before we were joined by Ghost_Rider chez Slug where a sumptuous breakfast ensured we all lived to drink another day. (from Sluggy) and I didn't pay for it either!!! (from Darth - AGAIN! Do you ever pay for breakfasts????)

Photos can be viewed here and the thread with more libellous comments can be found here.

Following the example set in Salisbury a few equally adventurous souls got the second Crawl (the one that sets the process as a tradition) going in Edinburgh. Full details (some even partially true) will be appearing here in the near future: Embra ARRSE Crawl.