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AT-3 Sagger
Function Anti Tank Missle
Crew 1
Weight 10.9kg
Length 86cm
Speed 120m/s-200m/s
Range 500-3000m
Primary Armament 2.5 kg HEAT (400mm penetration v RHA)

Russian wire-guided anti-tank missile that gave the Israeli Defence Force one hell of a fright when the Egyptians deployed Saggers in the Sinai during the Yom Kippur War (1973-74).

Initially the Israelis had no answer, taking heavy casualites in their elite tank formations. Responded with creating 'bounding overwatch' for armour - alternating one element stationary on guard, one moving to next position. When a launch was spotted (Saggers have a distinctive launch signature), the stationary element of the formation hammered the crap out of the launch area so distupting/putting the wind up/perforating the 'pilot' of the missle (who requires to guide the missile all the way to the target).

Led to the creation of the beehive round for tanks ... think shotgun round for a bloody big gun! The ball bearings in the round (it was hoped) would either suppress the sagger pilot OR damage the sagger in flight. In reality just meant that come the glorious 12th, tankers could bag a brace of grouse, 3 or 4 beaters, a landrover and some bloke called Gerald with a single round.