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Saddam Hussein

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Former leader / military dictator of Iraq, tried by his own people for mass murder ... after the change of administration of course.

Started wars and execution sprees that led to the death of well over 1 million troops and civvies. Obviously not to be outdone, the Spams are doing their best to catch up to this figure.

This puts him behind Gavrillo Princip, Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin and Pol Pot in the All Time Most Wicked Bastard In History stakes, but he was still a major cnut.

S.H. was on hunger strike while in captivity although it may have more to do with him getting his hands on a copy of Lyndsay Lohan's teen dietary advice than wanting any particular concessions.

Requested he be shot when found guilty rather than treated as a common thief. And the treatment for a thief in Saddam's Iraq was ... Beheaded? Gassed (like a badger)? Buggered to death by the gay wing of the Ba'ath party? Dropped into a bath of acid? We dont know and dont ever want to!

If you can't find a picture of him, he looks like a cross between Omar Shariff and Bagpuss.

At the end of December 2006, Uncle Saddam had his sentence of 'hang the fucker' approved and hundreds of common Iraqis volunteered to string the cnut up. Must be great to be so loved in your own country eh, Mr Blair?

As of 3.00am GMT on 30 December 2006, he suddenly and mysteriously became three inches taller. The execution was supposed to be a closed, functional, legal event but ended up like it had been organized by a fundamental Muslim DisneyWorld.


Picture of Saddam. Note:- He expressively wished photographers used the 'best' side of his face.