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Sabre Fv107
Function Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
Crew 3
Weight 8.13tonnes
Height 2.172m
road speed 80kph
Engine Jaguar 4.2 litre
Power 190bhp
Range 640km
Primary Armament Rarden 30 mm cannon (160rnds)
Secondary Armament 7.62mm Chain Gun (3000rnds)

Part of the CVR(T) family, the Sabre was created due to MoD's rationalisation programme. Created from the body of the Scorpion and the turret of the Fox the Sabre (fitted with the standard 30mm Rarden Cannon). Modifications were made to the manually operated turret of the Fox to include redesigned smoke grenade launchers and the 7.62mm Machine Gun was replaced with a more powerful 7.62mm Chain Gun. Domed hatches have also improved headroom for both commander and gunner.

Some 136 Sabre vehicles are in service with the British Army. Their duty is to recon enemy units and emplacements. Although classified as a reconnaissance vehicle the Sabre can easily double as a light Tank for making hard hitting attacks against non-armoured enemy units.

Brought in around the time of early Bosnia, the infantry were chuffed to bits to have a new toy. But it failed the first range package due to the weapons systems, the poor soul who passed in for Armoured Development Trials got posted to the back end of beyond and the QMG was less than happy that the new whizzbang was a chocolate teapot.


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A type of sword similar to the Scimitar


The name of a squadron within THEM but shhhh! We're not meant to talk about them.