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The Staff Support Assistant or 'SSA' is primarily concerned with discipline in the Regiment or Battalion. The appointment is usually held by a Sergeant although in exceptional circumstances, an acting Sergeant may be given the responsibility, although only when backed up by an exceptional career profile.

It is a thankless task. The SSA is responsible to PS2(A) for ensuring that due process is correctly carried out and that soldiers awaiting discipline are corrently briefed and catered for. In addition, the SSA is responsible to the CO for making sure that the needs of the Regiment or Battalion are served as he or she sees it. Thus an SSA must be able to skate the thin line between the two - often competing - forces.

In order to deliver effect, the SSA must have an excellent working relationship with the Adjutant. An experienced SSA will catch all the bone mistakes that new Adjutants inevitably make, and prevent the Regiment or Battalion catching merry hell from Brigade or Division.

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