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SR-71 Blackbird

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Take me to your leader!
Type High-Altitude Recon Aircraft
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corp. USA
Status Retired - 1998
Cost Unknown - A lot!

A Spam high altitude reconnaissance aircraft built by the Lockheed Skunk Works as a Black project - US tax dollars well spent. Probably responsible for a lot of UFO sightings in the early sixties in and around Groom Lake, Nevada. Be honest, it does look like something out of Star Wars!

  • Dimensions
    • Length - 32.74 m
    • Wingspan - 16.94 m
    • Height - 5.64 m
  • Armament - None
  • Other Information
    • Crew - 2
    • Initial Year of Service - 1966
    • Production total - 30
    • Maximum Speed - 2,275mph
    • Maximum Range - 2,900 nautical miles
    • Service Ceiling - 85,000ft

Derived from the YF-12 prototype interceptor.

Out of 32 planes made, 17 were lost in accidents, although none were lost to enemy action. Although retired from active duty, NASA has operated two SR-71s as research aircraft.

The SR-71 also holds the record for flying from New York to London in 1 hour 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds, set on 1 September 1974. (The best Concorde flight time was 2 hours 52 minutes, and the Boeing 747 averages 6 hours 15 minutes.)

It has been suggested that the unique shape of the Blackbird is stealthy in a radar avoiding sort of a way. Given that at mach 3.2 the infra-red signature is not dissimilar to the fire bombing of Dresden, you can take this with a pinch of salt. Its certainly on record that missiles were shot at the '71 in anger (or at least in a slightly peeved way) but when all you need to do to avoid the missile is open the throttles ... being stealthy is a bit of a waste of time.


As a matter of fact the SR-71 did NOT fly out of RAF Akrotiri at Zero Five Hundred hours and did NOT return much later in the day because the spams say it didn't.

Note: One of the totally awesome Top Trump aircraft that allows you total pwnage of your opponent ... totally!