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Short for Site Penis Of The Year

Site Penis of the Year

Not a badge of honour, SPOTY is an annual FUBAR election process to find ARRSE's biggest penis. User Himmler74 was voted SPOTY 2020, and Bravo_Bravo was deservedly elected in 2019. They join the ranks of the Supermongs.

Overseen by site penises, the process finds the biggest dick from the vast burgeoning pool of ARRSE's dipsomaniac mongs and nobbers. ARRSE members usually come up with a number of prominent stupid cunt users including trolls, psychos and Sock Puppets, who have lost their dignity, sanity, and any semblance of respectability. After the polls are closed, the brainless headbanger with the most votes is duly elected ARRSE SPOTY.

After their ten minutes of grubby fame, SPOTY champs are sent back to Coventry, in contempt and obscurity where they belong. Of course, "it's only a bit of fun", and bellendery aside, the democratic process is fair(ish) and square, sort of.


Incessant, rank stupidity over the previous twelve months is the main qualification for Site Penis of the Year. Specifically, SPOTY nominees must be retarded and must have displayed - and be known for - three or more of the under-mentioned mong behaviours during the greater part of the year:

  • Well-known on ARRSE for attention-seeking bellendery or stupid cuntery, throughout the year
  • Sniffing industrial amounts of glue before posting dribble
  • Antisocial and friendless narcissistic wanker for most of the time
  • Walts, gobby civilian, or unremarkable pretentious prick (50% of ARRSE)
  • Dullard political junkie or an obsessive, butthurt vigilante
  • Patently and consistently a tedious fucking troll of the first order
  • Gratuitous bellendery and frequent crayoning via Sock Puppet(s)


ARRSE's Biggest Bellend

Traditionally - but not confined to - mouthy never-served civvies, Brexit-obsessed cunts, and sociopathic trolls. There is currently no annual competition to elect ARRSE's Brexit Obsessed Bellend of the Year (BOB), from the other species of mong. Genuinely mentally disturbed users are automatically disqualified because ARRSE members are traditionally loath to mock the afflicted. Persistent belters, trolls and arrseholes are fair game, every year.

Site Penis of The Year 2020

The customary Site Penis of The Year thread was opened on November 22, 2020. When we say customary, we mean the biggest load of bollocks and moonhowling penistry you'll see anywhere. The dubious honour, remember, is reserved for ARRSE's most consistent and irritating belter during the previous year. You're most likely to find these dognobs crayoning in certain forums, at all times of the day and night:

  • Bitch-slapping and flinging shit 24/7/365 in the Brexit and Politics forums
  • Lying, waffling and bullshitting in what should have been perfectly good threads
  • Arguing and crayoning all over Christmas especially in the Poo-Poo Head thread and SPOTY polls
  • Walting in the Current Operations forum, or crayoning and grandstanding in the ARRSEHole

Nominations usually progress from the aforementioned shit-stirring thread of epic bellendery, to a shortlist, and then a formal site election at the end of each December. According to early discussions and nominations: the under-mentioned users appeared in the poll for Site Penis of the Year 2020 -:

The Distinguished Service Order for Fuckwits

Cockwombles who went above and beyond:

  • Bugsy: Lifetime cunt award, and famously overqualified for SPOTY.
  • Spider Lifetime SPOTY achievement award; the infamous "dribbling fantasist" posting "poorly spelt drivel".
  • PhotEX AKA Meerkatz the bullshitter, is still ganching and googling all these years later.
  • Bravo_Bravohas over the years, gradually descended into insanity and is beyond help.

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