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SINgle Channel Ground Air Radio System.

American produced current generation FM-Based secure radio transceiver. Several variants exist, varying slightly in size, or the amount of knobs and buttons up front. Been exported to a number of countries, to include Ireland. Has a maximum, unrepeated range on the order of 40km. Restricted by line of sight, though it will in practise go over hills and buildings with a degradation in strength.

SINGCARS has two major advantages over systems such as the PRC-77 which preceded it.

The first is that it is encrypted. This means that transmissions can be made in the clear without worrying about compromising security. The other advantage is that as a frequency hopping system, its transmissions cover a very wide range of frequencies, cycling through at some sixty different frequencies per second. This means that it is a lot harder to jam. Even if two thirds of the frequencies are jammed, understandable transmission is still possible.

The encryption and loading uses a device called an AN/CD, it's about a three minute process.

The problem is that the powers that are keep changing the keyset at the most inconvenient of times.