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Special Investigations Branch

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The Special Investigations Branch (SIB) is part of the The Royal Military Police and similar to the civilian CID. The SIB recently got some TV exposure on Redcaps when the fit bird who used to be on Eastenders (or was it Corrie?)[Defo eastenders, cause she had that sister who was killed by that club owner, anyway............] played some biff Sergeant who all the blokes fancied and tried to 'cop' off with. Came really, really close to having their very own symbol within APP-6a but PM(A) denied it at the last hurdle.

The Myth

People to generally be avoided as they make the SS look like the Women's Auxilliary Balloon Corps. These experts in cruel and unusual forms of punishment can extract guilty statements from the most innocent of people in order to close a case, but are notoriously incompetent at real police work (for which I'm eternally grateful).

Generally feared by all soldiers as when spoken to as they are not normally used to having to string a sentence of more that four words back at anybody.

The Reality

Just read this.