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SH = Shit Head

A 'shit head' is somebody who ruins the purpose, fun, and direction of a thread, by posting anoying messages right in the middle of a good topic or thread, about incorrect spelling, or to share a complety unfunny and/ or pointless anecdote. The arrse word for these people is SH!

e.g. (during an interesting discussion on the use of an SA80 barrel brush): Jimbob468: 'yes i certainly love the new kent horsehair that these brushes are made of, much better than that reconstituted cow anus fur they used to be made with'

Ronald84: 'Oh yes, these days the MOD knows where to spend the peoples tax money; they're not developing some new stupid weapon that always works, or trying to improve our, already impeccable biscuits brown, they're out givinggg money to cadets and buying minibuses!'

poo_cranium2006: 'I once new a man who opened my plt commanders Biscuits Brown, did a shit in them and then resealed the packet, the plt commander was furious and we all recieved 12 months NC (no chocolate) has anybody else ever recieved the dread NC punishment?? Oh and by the way R84, I didn'ttt realiseee; "...they're givinggg money..." - you fcuking retard (perhaps they should be giving spelling lessons to stupid arrsers insted?'

Jimbo468: 'p_c2006 = SH!'

(and then the thread continues as normal. Any winging by poo_cranium2006, should be dealt with by sentanicing him to a short trip to coventry)

Disclaimer; The characters and events used in the above example are completly fictisious and any similarity to actual events is meerly coincedence.

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