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The SCUD is a mobile, Russian-made, short-range, tactical ballistic surface-to-surface guided missile. It is a single-stage missile using storable liquid propellants.

The SCUD-B was introduced on the JS-3 tracked chassis in 1961 and appeared on the MAZ-543 wheeled chassis in 1965.

The introduction of this new powerful cross-country wheeled vehicle gave this missile system greater road mobility, reduced the number of support vehicles required, and still preserved a great choice in selecting off-road firing positions.

The same basic chassis also has been used for the transporter-erector-launcher for the SCALEBOARD surface-to-surface guided missile.

In the early 1980s, the SCUD-B was replaced by the SS-23 SPIDER, which has greatly improved range (500 km), increased accuracy, and reduced reaction and refire times.