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SAS Smock

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SAS Smock

WWII pattern smock

Smock - DPM Windproof

The ├╝ber-ally SAS Smock

Introduced in the mid-1970s, the 'Smock - DPM Windproof' replaced the wartime-style splinter pattern windproofs and the 1963 pattern smock in use by the SAS and SBS. The '63 pattern smock was an exact copy of the wartime one, with a small hood and four patch pockets. The material was of the heavy 100% cotton pale DPM type.

In the late 1970s a revised design was introduced of lightweight cotton gabardine. With four large bellows pockets on the front, a left sleeve pen pocket and an internal breast and rear poachers' pockets. The hood was a much better design and the cuffs closed with Velcro as did the windflap. The hood had no wire support, unlike the Arctic windproof.

Main front closure was a large two-way zip. Again drawcords at the hood, internally at the waist and on the bottom hem. The pockets close with large green buttons that are frequently covered with green cotton tape to reduce shine.

In the mid 1980s NATO sizing became the norm and an FFD pocket was added at right tricep. Subsequent updates include taped buttons, front epaulette, zipped underarm vents and meshed pocket lining.

The Arctic smock is basically a variant of this SAS windproof design but with a differently sewn, wired hood. It also has rank tabs on front and rear.