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Not the best thing to see if you are in a leaky Nimrod!

SA-14 Gremlin Surface-to-Air Missile

Basically a super Grail. This is likely to become - if not already - the most sought after piece of kit by our current adversaries... seeing as the spams aren't flogging them Stingers any more.

  • Crew: one needed to acquire target and fire.
  • Reload time: 25 seconds.
  • Maximum range: 6,000 meters, 18,000 feet.
  • Maximum altitude: 6,000 meters, 18,000 feet
  • Missile speed: 600 meters (1,800 feet) per second
  • Guidance: Passive Infrared homing (guides toward heat)
  • Fuse type: Explodes on contact.
  • Warhead: Fragmentary

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