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Ryan Byrne

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Who He?

Ryan Byrne is, or rather was, or possibly still is, the great helmsman of that most noble organisation PTSD Worldwide. Ryan took the wheel from a chap named Alec Webster after all manner of awkward questions started getting asked about the charidee. Like Webster, Byrne had also served in the armed forces in the (now defunct) KORBR, seeing service in Bosnia, Kosovo and Cyprus. He is a PTSD sufferer due to his military service and has gone through PTSD Worldwide’s therapists with his wife. Upon firmly grasping the helm Ryan proudly stated that "I am proud to have taken over such a worthwhile organisation’’. Fair play to the feller. Ryan was probably unaware of his predecessors complications – despite (quite possibly) living under the same roof as Alec and his benefit cheating missus. [1] Still, it’s easy to make mistakes, and being a PTSD sufferer probably enhanced the oversight, what with those Balkan nightmares and the horrors of Nissi Beach.

Ryan Speaks

This is a formal statement to inform everybody of a change of director. Alec and Gemma Webster have stepped away from the charity and have in their place made Ryan Byrne and Kate Walsh directors of the organisation. Both suffer with PTSD although Kate's is not due to military service. This change will not affect the way we currently work and the phonelines will still be active and the therapists who are all qualifed are still available for those who need them. So no further contact regarding Alec and Gemma Webster will be received through either olympia paranormal or PTSD Worldwide.

Thank you for your time. kind regards Ryan Byrne

A Grand Day Out


And then in the month of March 2011, ARRSEr Shandyswiller decided to have a great day out.

I was at this year’s Bournemouth Vintage Transport Day on 7th March with missus swiller. Nothing to do! Anyway it was a walt’s excuse to dress up army like and give it the big time to the unsuspecting. There was a stand with two fat chavs selling anything army, old action man toys, bits of webbing. It was more like a gipo bootfair stand.

There were PTSD Worldwide banners and some buckets for folk to throw in loose change. There was some sort of crappy orange band made out of common garden string and (they) were asking for 3 or 4 quid for them. They kept calling people to chuck their loose change, saying it was for a good cause and not to let soldiers suffer in silence.

Next to them were two other jokers badly dressed in desert DPM giving it large to anyone who would listen about both serving on Herrick and losing good muckers, then both giving it the 100 meter long look at the ground and shaking their swedes. By this time I had a gut full after watching it for the last hour from where I was sitting.

I ask the one wearing the chest rig (who looked like chunk) if he was still in, whereupon he replied ‘Na PTSD. Had to go before did something bad.’ I asked him what he was doing poncing about in DPM holding an airsoft SA80 if he wants to get better and forget his past? He could not say a thing, turned and walked off. He and his fat ginger mate a jock (I think) walked off as well and hid behind the fat nackers selling gash and started whispering to themselves. After that they stopped asking folk to donate when ever they passed.

One other thing. The kids with them were being allowed to dip into the buckets and buy pop, icecream and hotdogs when they and the fat chavs wanted. I watched it and it happened several times. Charity? Who’s Charity! I got a picture of him somewhere.

Indeed he had and it was promptly posted on ARRSE. There in all his DPM-clad glory was Ryan gawping sheepishly at the camera, all chest-rigged up and nonchalantly carrying a plastic gat over his shoulder. He and his chum Alec had been out and about quite a bit and had been spotted at that annual waltfest The War & Peace Show tooling around in a stripped down 110 Lanny with some other cnut named Keith Kew who was claiming to be 'Dinger' of the ill-fated B20 SAS patrol during the Gulf War. That’s when PTSD’s website and Facebook page started to come under even closer scrutiny by the Waltenkommando and all manner of questions were asked regarding PTSD Worldwide’s practices. They were most entertaining and considering the subject matter, quite dangerous.

Who They?

Founded in 2009, PTSD Worldwide is non-profit organization comprised of veteran volunteers who are committed to guiding our nation's soldiers on their path to living a productive and fulfilling life after combat. PTSD Worldwide’s signature characteristic is its combat veteran volunteers who mentor, advise and assist other veterans suffering from post traumatic stress (PTSD).

PTSD Worldwide assists veterans in a number of ways. First, it provides a forum, or safe zone, called the Safe Soldier Zone Program. Veterans come together and share their combat and post-combat experiences with other veterans. They also exchange dialogue directly with those who share common challenges and can offer assistance in coping with the adjustment to peaceful society. Furthermore, with the encouragement of their peers, combat veterans are assured that it is indeed normal and suitable to seek further counselling if necessary. PTSD Worldwide is one of the best tools at helping combat veterans overcome the stigma within the military of seeking help in coping with post traumatic stress.

Second, PTSD Worldwide serves as an advocacy organization which draws attention and awareness to combat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress. PTSD Worldwide not only reaches out to other veterans, but to public officials, government representatives and the public at large, who generously donate their hard-earned cash We have a very close link with our marine friends who fought alongside us in all conflicts. Our doors are open for any veteran seeking help. Please stop by.

As ARRSEr Alleegee1698 put it:

Dangerous shit. Proven dangerous shit. We’ve had all the sock-puppets from PTSD Worldwide. Why do we not finally receive a letter of explanation from a solicitor, who could prove us all wrong and finally put the case to rest? Quite.

Drastic Plastic

So what were PTSDWW’s techniques for dealing with sufferers? The answeres provided by Byrne’s wife were somewhat... unorthodox. Needless to say, that the spelling and grammar has been left uncorrected as to make the correspondence less legible.

Yeah ptsd is not cureable but it is treatable, my husband has the same problem and most nightnights he takes diazepam, but he has found a method that helps him, its odd but it seems to work. he plays shooting games on the Xbox and it makes it easier for him to turn the things he sees into computer games so then they dont seems so real! maybe its worth a try, i dont know but i hope things get better for you’

Upon further baiting from ARRSEr Hector Chavez V

I will suggest that to him and see what he says. I'm glad training is going well for you can't really say i approve of combat stress but hey good luck to you hope i all goes well. did you know that combat stress are now part of the nhs? Yeah my hubby has loads of bb guns so when he struggling he stands in our hallway and shoots and old cot mattress hehe, i've had a go its great he helps me and he ends up laughing at me so it all helps.

I have noticed that comparing scars is a good one for squaddies not sure how it helps as its a reminder but never the less it turns into a competition of who got thier scars from where and how bad the accident was, typical squaddie!! haha It would be great if you could go and live in a barracks room at least you could have a laugh together, although it could be bad in the sense that if one of you have a flashback and went fully out of it (back to your war zone) they would be likely to trigger the others to have flashbacks too. Could be fun!

Another belter was written by Mrs Byrne in response to a comment about PTSD and lack of sleep:

my hubby has suffered with ptsd for the last 6yrs, it was difficult as we have only been together for 5yrs so he already knew about it but didnt have a support network to help him, over the last few yrs we have found talking 2 minds and combat stress but neither seemed to have helped him, but last yr we stumbled across ptsd worldwide and we have bonded with the founder and his family and now we have a really strong support network and my hubby is due to start his 2nd step of treatment which is seeing a councillor, but from day 1 they have never claimed to cure ptsd but they can provide a release for him to talk to a councillor and friends and methods to deal with ptsd without them, like in the middle of the night and theres fireworks going off. so fingers crossed and we will be able to get on with our life and be able to deal with our daily lives more easily.

And then it all went quiet, apart from the usual sock puppetry, slaggings and in-fighting that is par for the course, along with Allegee1698 whipping himself into an apoplectic rage and Facebook pages disappearing and reappearing again days later. In a nutshell, lots of back-pedalling and smoke throwing from the PTSDWW clique. Something had to give.

The Penny Drops

This is from Byrne on Facebook – complete with the usual grammatical genocide: when i took the organisation on i didnt know about the problems that came with it, they were all hidden and as soon as i took over i was bombarded by people here and on arrse and other sites, others ran and hid i have done my best with what... i have/ had at my disposal but clearly that was not enough. i have failed as the director of ptsd worldwide and i have failed some if you aswell, but i as i said earlier today i believe it is best for all parties if the organisation closes now. i will be honest in the fact that i don't what will happen from here onwards but things will be closed down very soon as i said again earlier today the paperwork to shut the organisation has been sent off


Byrne was questioned by several with regards to his service history:

the kings own royal border regiment join with queen's lancashire regiment in 2006 and now they are called the duke of lancashire regiment. i joined in 1996 and i served in bosnia and kosovo with korbr and we were based in cattrick and then posted to cyprus, theres some more info for you to spread.


And so it was thus sprud. And ye wormes did verrily emanate from thee woodworke. Byrne himself kindly (stupidly) sent ARRSEr THESUNJOCK a course piccy taken whilst he was at ATR Glencorse way back in those halcyon days dated 2 December 1996 – 27 February 1997. There was Byrne, grinning like a mong on a day trip in all his recruit finery. But TSJ was in contact with someone who remembered Byrne from his Depot days. It transpired that Ryan had never passed out of Depot and was binned for ‘fuckwittery’. The informant was not quite sure how Byrne could have got the symptoms of PTSD from his time in Bosnia as he was never there as a trained soldier. But is anyone really surprised by this revelation? So there you have it. Biffed off a Phase 1 basic course SNLR. The horror. The horror of it all. Nurse!


A total croc of shyte. Epic fail... again. PTSD Worldwide is nothing more than an amateurish lob together ‘run’ by individuals with questionable ethical motives and absolutely no qualifications whatsoever. All it achieves is to confuse the gullible and to detract from the genuine charities that do good work. It’s hard enough raising money as it is, without frauds, charlatans and bullshitters making things more difficult. To be fair, at least Ryan opted out from going down that by now familiar route of festooning himself with unearned tinware – unlike his buddy Alec. But that’s as lenient as this page is going to get.

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