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What is it?

Rum Ration is the unofficial website of the British Royal Navy and Royal Marines. It was born in February 2006 and is the sister site of the infamous Arrse. Rum Ration offers community forums, live chat, a photo gallery and jokes section.

Who Does It Cater For?

Basically everyone with anything to do with the Navy. More specifically this includes:

  • So far the 'old and bold' have made their presence known with 'dits' from the Ganges, Hood and possible HMS Victory, if we are lucky!
  • If you're a member of the Maritime Reserve you can find forums for both the RNR and RMR.
  • With the likes of Diamond Lil's, open all hours, no need to travel down to good old Guz for a swift pint and old style banter, just click away!
  • Dabbers, ach, nothing compared to the old source branches! WAFU's are still arguing over the basis 'do they actually work' and discussions as to whether or not reggies actually have any friends. Well, they are the tit bits. Come over and have a butchers at our little 'sea goers' community, something for every one!
  • Even booties have there own pride and joy section, no fooling the elite RM's!
  • Some people could argue that the back bone of the RN would be the Medical branch, however I am unsure that subscribing ibrufen and ice treatment for 3 days can solve every thing!
  • And we can accomodate the odd army strays who were/are affiliated with one of the many big grey ships!

Have to say, even though the site is in it's 'younger' days, it is doing well.

Favourite Haunts

How can any one ever forget Joannas or Jesters as the notorious night spots of the Navy! Always ashamed to mention you were there, yet every one always ended many of a night in these cattle drives.

Common haunts of the average navy goer;

For the older amongst you

  • Cox's outside Unicorn gate in Pompey - long gone
  • The Gladyer Inn in Rosyth - still there I think
  • The Avondale in Guzz

And who can forget Studio No.2!

Best Threads

A few choice ones: