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Royal Warrant for the Formation of the Royal Army Medical Corps

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Formation of the ROYAL Army Medical Corps.


WHEREAS We have deemed it expedient to alter in certain respects the conditions under which our officers employed upon medical duties of Our Army at present serving:

OUR WILL AND PLEASURE IS that the officers below the rank of Surgeon-Major General serving in Our Army Medical Staff shall be formed into a Corps, together with the Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and men of Our Medical Staff Corps:

It is Our Further Will and Pleasure that the designation "Medical Staff Corps" shall be abolished and the corps formed as above-mentioned shall be styled "Royal Army Medical Corps".

The following alterations will consequently be made in the ranks of the medical officers of Our Army:-

 Present Rank                                  New rank

 Surgeon-Colonel                               Colonel
 Brigade-Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel            Lieutenant Colonel
 Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel                    Lieutenant Colonel
 Surgeon-Major                                 Major  
 Surgeon-Captain                               Captain
 Surgeon-Lieutenant                            Lieutenant

The medical staff of Our Army shall in future consist of surgeon-generals (Ranking as Major-generals), and the title of surgeon-major-generals now serving shall be altered accordingly.

Officers of Our Royal Army Medical Corps holding appointments in Our Household troops shall be borne as seconded officers on the establishment of our Royal Army Medical Corps and shall be dealt with as regards pay and promotion in accordance with the rules laid down in Articles 384,385 and 387 of Our Warrant for the Pay, Appointment, Promotion, and Non-Effective Pay of Our Army dated the 26th April 1897.

Given at Our Court at Windsor, this 23rd day of June 1898, in the 62nd year of Our reign

By Her Majesty's Command.