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Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

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The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

The RRF was created on 23 April 1968 from the amalgamation of four regiments whose only obvious link was the word 'Fusilier' in their title - except the Royal Warwickshire Regiment who didn't even have that. The other three regiments were the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Lancashire Fusiliers and Royal Fusiliers. Initially these geographical origins were reflected in the new Battalions, although this has gradually changed.

The RRF today has two regular battalions, 1 RRF based in Celle in Germany - a very nice place, although full of Germans, and 2 RRF in the world's finest monument to concrete block architecture, piddly mountains, bigotry and horrendous accents - yes, good old NI. A deep love of NI has been a fundamental feature of RRF life since in the late 90s 1 RRF enjoyed undoubtedly the Army's worst 2 year posting - Ebrington Barracks, Londonderry.

Very experienced (both Gulf Wars for starters) and well respected line Infantry Regiment, cursed by a very silly red and white chicken feather hackle poking out from what is not the world's prettiest cap badge. Where it is the norm to wear a beret badge above the left eye The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers tend to wear theirs over their left ear.

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The Battalions

  • 4 RRF
  • 5 RRF

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