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Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

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Long extinct naval branch that comprised of civilian volunteer reservists - much like the Andrew's equivalent of the TA. The RNVR basically took on untrained landsmen and turned them in to sailors over a few evenings. Training in the 'wavy navy' consisted of drinking heavily and dressing up as women, thus continuing the finest traditions of the senior service.

The RNVR is not to be confused with the RNR - the Royal Naval Reserve. The RNR were drawn from the Merchant Navy and the fishing fleet and were people who'd volunteered to don a uniform when the shit hit the fan. Unlike the RNVR, the RNR were all trained and certified seamen, and were all salty seadogs to a man. The RNVR merged with the RNR in 1958 to become... the RNR. Brilliant!