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Royal Highland Fusiliers

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A Potted History

The origins of the RHF date back to 1678 and the raising of the Earl of Mar's Regiment of Foot. The Royal Highland Fusiliers was formed in 1959 following the amalgamation of the Royal Scots Fusiliers (21st) and the Highland Light Infantry (73rd [renumbered 71st in 1786] and 74th).

The RHF became 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland, The Royal Highland Fusiliers ( 2 SCOTS) in 2006. Currently based in Edinburgh.


  • The Jimmy-Jimmy fcuk fcuks
  • The Ladies from Hell
  • The White Mafia
  • The Weegies

Top Tips 1

Fearless in battle, and in bars worldwide, renowned for their prowess in the black arts (thievery, piracy, smuggling and general lawlessness). They see themselves as fun-sized shock troops, Stormtroopers in miniature. Terry Pratchett's "Nac Mac Feegle" are loosely based on the RHF. They love nothing more than to fight and steal, if no OPFOR is available will turn on neighbouring troops, if that fails they will turn on each other.

Top Tips 2

  • NEVER discuss football, or religion - the unit is made up of Celtic/Rangers/Catholic/Protestant fundamentalists.
  • NEVER leave kit unattended around them - even attended kit has been known to be spirited away.
  • NEVER loan any of them money.


Tartan: In 1881 the RSF adopted the Government tartan and in 1901 added a further blue line to it. In 1928 RSF pipers were permitted to wear Hunting Erskine tartan. From 1777 the 71st wore Government tartan until buff and red stripes were included to form MacKenzie tartan. The 74th wore Government tartan kilts from 1797 to 1809. The 74th were re-designated 'Highland' after 1845 and wore the Government tartan with a white stripe (Lamont tartan).

In 1881 the 74th joined the 71st and became the 2nd Battalion, HLI and adopted the Mackenzie tartan trews. In 1947 the Mackenzie kilt was by the HLI. From 1959 the RHF have worn MacKenzie tartan trews and their Pipers have worn dress Erskine kilts.

Honours & Awards

There have been twenty VC winners: the Indian Mutiny, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, World War One and World War Two.

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