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Royal Armoured Corps (TA)

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The Yeomanry are the TA element of The Royal Armoured Corps



One of the best definitions of the word 'Yeoman' is a man free born. Since the Yeomanry was first raised, over 200 years ago, large numbers of Yeomen have continued to voluntarily forego part of their personal freedom so as to defend the national freedom.

The Yeomanry Cavalry, whose first corps were raised in 1794, was formed to be prepared to repel invasion from Revolutionary France. Comprised of landowners and Yeomen farmers, they had a vital role in maintaining the constitutional stability of the nation. They fwere first used on the battlefield in 1900, when numerous Companies of Imperial Yeomanry fought for the integrity of the British Empire. They subsequently served with distinction in both World Wars and more recently in the Gulf.

Present Day

There are now 4 Yeomanry regiments in the Royal Armoured Corps. The roles and equipment are entirely aligned to the Regular Army. These regiments make a significant contribution to the capability of the Royal Armoured Corps and to the Joint NBC Regiment. The regiments also operate the same equipment and train to the same standards as the regular Royal Armoured Corps Regiments.

As the deployments in Iraq continue, Yeomen have been undertaking mobilised service again and several hundred Yeomen have served in Iraq, as well as places such as Kosovo and Afghanistan.

The Future

The shape and structure of the Army is dynamic and changes to meet the challenges that it faces. The Yeomanry will undoubtedly have a central place in the Army of tomorrow and is rightfully proud of its history and its future ability.


Combat Vehicle Reconaissance (Tracked) (CVR(T)) Commander

CVR(T) Driver

CVR(T) Gunner

Regiments & Roles

The four current regiments are

Phase 2 Training

Under construction

Further Courses

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