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Ross Kemp

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Mid-tour, the Anglian's levels of desperation were becoming all too apparent


Famed for his touching and sensitive portrayal of an angst-ridden member of Her Majesty's SAS. Also famous for being beaten up by his journalist ex-wife. In fairness, Kemp did manage to send himself up a treat in the television series Extras, whereupon he confided to a bemused Ricky Gervais that he was one of THEM and that the letters SAS stood for Secret Army Soldiers - the perfect parody. Kemp might not be that much of a cunt as everyone supposes.


In fact, Mr Kemp has proved he's not such a cunt as everyone supposed after he spent two months in the field with 1 R ANGLIAN in Afghanistan, and proved he could get shot at with the best of them. He's also an enthusiastic supporter of Help For Heroes.

You can read what Arrsers thought about Mr Kemp and his program on this thread but just as a little hint ... its all pretty fucking positive.

No celeb has ever gone from total twonk to squaddies bezzer like RK has (apart from perhaps Julian Clary with 3 Para Mortar Platoon).


... as if the above squaddie stroking wasn't enough ... the mad fecker went back to hang with The Jocks and the Micks in Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan. On patrol the incoming fire is so close its a miracle the red tops didnt have headline of TV PRESENTER AND CAMERA CREW SHOT BY TALIBAN. Frankly Kemp has done more for promoting the British Army than the MOD have managed in its entire history.

Much respect from ARRSE!

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